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    Hey! Hoping someone can help me with this small problem. I am making scrollable into a gallery. Using the jQuery tools scrollable that im sure a lot of you are familiar with:

    Currently i only have 2 images in there (circular), but eventually i will have 15. The current status of the page can be seen here:

    Currently there is a chunk of the NEXT image being previewed on the right side of the scrollable. But what i want is some of the PREV image on the left and some of the NEXT image on the right. When next is clicked the scrollable will scroll the width of the image (820px) so that once again the is a 65px preview of the NEXT image on the right and still 65px of the prev photo on the left.

    See below photo to understand what i am referring to:

    The JS automatically assigns the div .items a css value of left: 825px; I need this to be instead left: 755px. I can force this via CSS using the !important declaration but when i do this the scrolling animation does not work anymore, since the left value cant change.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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