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    I am working on this jquery toggle script. I got it working in js fiddle

    but for some reason, it won’t work on my site. I am not sure I have the correct jquery running. I am setting up a tabbed widget which works, pagination which works, twitter, which works but it seems like I need many different jquery scripts to run them. is there one that runs them all. This is what I have in my head now

    pagination stops working if I remove this one

    //tabs stop working if I remove this one

    I would like one that runs them all. on the jquery site. They say to run this one


    I tried it but didn’t work.


    Seem like you are using some fairly outdated scripts that won’t work with the latest version of jQuery :(

    Also, you could try using something like this, that will be a little more robust (it will work no matter how many toggles you have on the page):


    How familiar are you with using your browsers console? Whenever I’m having JS problems, that’s the first place I start.


    The easiest way would be to change .addClass to .toggleClass:


    No worries. Glad I could help!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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