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    I am trying to build my own online portfolio for my Graphic Design and Web design work.
    I am having a problem with getting a JQuery slider to work correctly when loaded inside a JQuery Lightbox/iframe

    Here is my page where I am having troubles:

    If you click on the first image (Greyhound Lane), an iframe lightbox is supposed to load, and then inside that iframe, a slider should load and you can slide through 4 greyed out images that I am currently using just for testing the slider.

    The actual URL of where the slider sits that should be loading inside the iframe can be seen here (and it works fine on its own):

    The iframe/lightbox I am using is called prettyPhoto:

    The slider I am using is called easySLider:

    THE ACTUAL PROBLEM: When I click on that first image (Greyhound Lane) for the first time with the cache cleared, the lightbox usually opens up and the slider loads fine inside of the iframe, BUT, then if I click the "close" button to close the lightbox, and then click on the image again, when the lightbox opens back up, the slider inside of it does not load (or the images inside the slider don’t load? – not really sure). If I right click and re-load the frame, the slider will load and works fine. Other times when I click on the image, the lightbox opens but yeah the slider just does not show up.

    My web design strengths (if any) lie in XHTML and CSS, NOT javascript or JQuery, so if anyone could please point me in the right direction as to why this might not be working, it would be greatly appreciated. I have tried reading about JQuery Non Conflict mode and things like that, but not sure if that is even what the problem is or if I am even implementing this correctly.

    cheers everyone,


    If anyone is curious, I didn’t manage to solve the problem of why it was not working, but I did manage to get the same thing I wanted working by changing the iframe lightbox plugin I was using.

    Rather than using PrettyPhoto, I tried using Fancybox instead and so far from the testing that I have done, having an easySlider located within a seperate URL appears to be loading without a problem within the Fancybox iframe in FF, IE, Chrome and Safari.

    It can be viewed here (click on the first two options)

    I would still like to know why the prettyPhoto option wasn’t working though if anyone has any ideas.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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