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    Anyone have any idea why using JQuery’s show() causes the blue “Aw Snap” error page in chrome, but not FF or Safari.

    I can run the rest of the code without issue if I just comment that one line out. No idea why a show() would cause Chrome to die :(


    Without seeing the code it’s hard to comment.

    Care to share in a Codepen?


    I wasn’t sure how to boil this down, but I’ve done so with 3 elements.

    There are two loaders, which are divs containing an SVG and a span with the work loading. They are initially hidden through CSS.

    If you click the button, one of the loaders is shown through JQuery.
    But, Chrome crashes.

    If you remove one of the loaders, such as the one that isn’t even used ever, it works fine.
    So… what am I obviously missing here?


    I wasn’t sure how to boil this down

    Some code, a link or possibly a pen would say a lot more…


    Must’ve missed the link. Sorry about that, there’s more than a few vague questions around (but this one obviously not).

    It gets even weirder – works fine if you switch the divs’ places…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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