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jQuery Right Click Menu Plugin

  • # October 21, 2011 at 2:18 pm

    I just recently wrote this plugin and would love your feedback on how I can make it better.

    It allows you to create multiple right click menus using one array of objects.

    Depending on what element the user clicks on the plugin can show different menus.

    So for example if we have a list of files and folders, like this…

    • hello.txt [file]
    • funnyStuff [dir]
    • vacation.mp4 [vid]

    depending on which file type the user right clicks they can get a menu that is customized to that type of file. (video can have a play option, folder a paste into option, file a open with.. option).

    Here is a link to my blog post about it.
    And here is a link to the plugin source.

    Any feedback is good feedback.

    Thank you.

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