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    hi , guys my first question is , i have a problem in code pen , i dont know how to include all of my jquery lib
    i have 4 jquery lib that im using on this project i just can include one of them and it’s main jquery files , the rest of them (ease.js , ease2.js , color_animation.js) they are not included in , so how should i do this ?

    and my second question is , can you guys take a look on the plugin and see where the problem in writing the code .
    i mean is there are any other way to make the plugin look better and nicer ?

    this is the link [ ](

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    You can try and add multiple JS files using `

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    In codepen you can add multiple external script files by clicking on the gear in the js window


    Then add the urls in the “External JS File” input separated by semicolons;

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