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    What is the proper way to pass an argument to a function in jQuery?

    I want to pass a color to a function to update multiple css attributes

    I would think it would be something like below, but I can’t seem to get it to work.

    Calling the function and passing the color:



    function colorChange(passedcolor)

    $(“a, h2”).css(“color”,passedcolor);
    $(“#wrap, h3”).css(“border-color”,passedcolor);
    $(“#header, #footer”).css(“background-color”,passedcolor);


    The final plan is to set the page "theme" based on time of day, but using a single function that I pass a color to.

    Here’s a concept model that changes based on what third of the minute it is (0-20,20-40,40-60) but it uses separate functions.

    Any help would be much appreciated. The jQuery bug has bit me of late.


    Is it tacky to answer my own question?

    So, it looks like I needed a couple of "s to get the job done. Say I want to pass a color and two positions to a function I would do like so

    colorTheme(“#f00”, “-100px”, “-40px”)

    and then read them within the function like so

    function colorTheme(hex, pos1, pos2){
    $(“#top, #bot”).css(“background”,hex);
    $(“a, h2”).css(“color”,hex);
    $(“#wrap, h3”).css(“border-color”,hex);

    $(“#top”).css(“background-position”,”0 ” + pos1);
    $(“#bot”).css(“background-position”,”0 ” + pos2);

    Seems to work like a charm.

    I did notice something odd about .css in jQuery

    – you can .css("property","value")
    – or .css({ property: "value", property: "value" })
    but in the second instance the property names are not css standard.

    – Thus .css("margin-left","10px") has to be .css({ marginLeft: "10px" })
    – or .css("border-color","red") has to be .css({ borderColor: "red" })

    I suppose I much prefer chaining several with the right property name.


    it is not tacky to answer your own question, I used to do this over at javaranch when I was learning java.

    sometimes you just have to put your problem down and explain it to someone else to see exactly what your trying to do, this way you get a slightly better understanding of your problem.

    plus answering your own problem shows others, who might have that problem, the solution.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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