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    Recently while going through the jQuery lodge course, there was a discussion about jQuery providing a robust multi-browser support while javascript not. Is this fact mainly due to the different browsers having different javascript engines running and jQuery running over them to provide a common playing field? Is this a valid point?


    Is this a valid point?

    Yes, though it is less and less of a concern the further we get from IE8. Things will always vary, but by the time IE9 is gone, interoperability should be much easier.


    by the time IE9 is gone, interoperability should be much easier.

    Does that mean javascript would be more multi-browser supporting/interoperable when the internet community stops supporting older IE browsers?

    My understanding was more on different browsers running different javascript engines rather than a sole dependency on IE.

    Also does javascript-interoperability in anyway relate to vendor prefixes?


    Your mixing up concepts. JavaScript has nothing to do with vendor prefixes.

    The issue with browsers and JavaScript was that each browser would handle things differently from the implementation standpoint. So you would have to pollyfill or hack to get things to work in all browsers, especially IE. jQuery is a way to normalize all browsers to behave the same. But now since most vendors are on board with new improvements and declining number in IE, means jQuery is essentially, no longer required.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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