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    Surprisingly enough, I’m already having issues with IE9. I’m on 64-bit IE9, but I don’t know how much that matters. I use a jQuery plugin called Fancybox
    ( on a couple of websites, and when I load or any of the sites containing fancybox, I get this error:

    line 72 appendChildOriginal(element);

    jscript debugger
    breaking on jscript runtime error – invalid calling object

    This error appears not only on this page, but ironically even kicks this error on page load in IE9. I’m completely new to the JS debugger in IE, but it seems to me that this may be a jQuery issue, based on what I was able to decipher from IE’s debugger. I did a lot of googling on the matter yesterday, and wasn’t able to find anyone with the exact same issue as me, so it could possibly be a browser setting issue???

    From what I did find, I know jQuery 1.5 had issues with IE9, but from what I read, most issues were solved when updating to jQuery 1.5.1. On the page that I’m testing offline that is giving me problems, I’ve tried jQuery 1.4.4 and 1.5.1 and neither solves my problem. What is happening is that if I have an image that should lightbox upon clicking, clicking does nothing except pushing the line 72 error I’ve been seeing a lot of. I would think that clicking should at the very least load the image without the lightbox, as though no js was being used. This error I’m seeing is not limited to the Fancybox plugin. I use the Lytebox ( plugin, and when testing a site using Lytebox, I get the line 72 error again, but at least it lets me click through to the un-lightboxed image. Even jQueryUI’s demo pages have been problematic on IE9 for me. Some of the effects work, while some do not.

    I apologize, because my javascript knowledge is lacking, but I’m reading through jQuery Novice to Ninja, along with online tutorials, to try to learn some more on the subject. My current js knowledge includes downloading jQuery and using an already developed and tested plugin to achieve my goal, but I am working to change that.

    I’ve posted this in the Fancybox forum, along with a few others, in the hopes that someone else has already solved some of these issues I’ve seen with IE9.

    Thank you for your time!


    Just a quick update:

    I uninstalled ie9, rebooted and reinstalled, still with the same issue. Fancybox was still a no go. I’ve tried the 64 and 32 bit versions. I also tried turning the Security and Privacy settings the whole way down, just to eliminate a variable, and that didn’t work either. Along the same lines, I tried starting Internet Explorer with no addons, and that got things working!
    I figured it out and it is the divx plugin that causes the issues. Once it was disabled, I was back in business!

    Thought I’d post this info in case anyone else was looking for a solution


    Well, you’re right. IE 9, vista pro 32-bit…I disabled all the DivX plugins and Fancybox worked. I was 10 seconds away from IE=EmulateIE8 and thought I’d do a search to see what’s what. Sorry you went through that aggravation but I’m glad you posted the solution.

    However…what about everyone elses IE9 with DivX? I guess I’m going to have to emulate 8 anyway until a fix is developed.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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