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    Steven Morgan

    I want a div to get an inline style of the image it wraps around.

    Pen here:

    So jquery get image dimensions, add inline style to .box with the width and height


    You can do this will CSS.

    Just set the div to display:inline-block.

    Steven Morgan

    Thanks Paul, I know that. My reasoning for doing it dynamically is I have clients adding photos of different sizes into a box. So I need jQuery to determine that size and apply it to the div that wraps the image.

    Steven Morgan

    And the box has to have exactly dimensions because of the jQuery plugin I’m using that centers it on the page.

    Steven Morgan

    Ah I figured it out

    var img = $(".box > img");
    $(".box").css({width:img.width(), height:img.height()});

    Hiya Steven. The solution you posted won’t work if there are multiple .box elements on the page containing different-sized images.

    You want something more like this:

      // For each .box element
      $('.box').each(function() {
        // Set up the variables
        var $this = $(this),
            w = $this.find('img').width(), // Width of the image inside .box
            h = $this.find('img').height(); // Height of the image inside .box
        $this.width(w).height(h); // Set width and height of .box to match image

    Edited to add: If you’re only going to have one .box on a given page, then your solution will be fine. Mine is simply more futureproof and flexible, at the cost of a few more lines of code.

    Steven Morgan

    Perfect, thanks man.


    No problem, glad to help!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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