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    I develop a web page which is having a video and users given comments and other users like or dislike comments.I want the PHP and jQuery code for MySQL update when a user like the comments and dislike the comments with out refreshing the page.

    plz could any one help me




    Thank U for ur suggestion,
    but i need it urgent.i tried it, but getting some errors.






    var parameters = $(this).attr('data-mydata').split(',');

    var dataString ='some parameters passing to php page ;



    type: "GET",

    url: "cr.php",

    data: dataString,

    cache: false,

    success: function(html)







    This is the code i am using for

    when i click like or dislike ; then it is automatically updated in the database .. but not refreshing count automatically in the div ‘commentbox’ page…?

    when i refresh the page it will only change/refresh the updated count.

    could any one help .. how to solve this issue…?

    see this div is only one part of the page not an entire page.


    can any one help in the above issue

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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