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    Hi –
    First time posting a question AND new to javascript(jQuery)…

    I have had quite a bit of success with various jQuery features though usually run into a snag or two due to my lack of knowledge of javascript.

    My problem is that the jQuery cycle plug-in that I’m using on my site is not as smooth as i’d like it to be and I thought someone very clever might be able to point out to me what’s wrong with my code/ use of the code.

    On loading the page ( and refreshing ) all the images in the list flash for a second after which the transitioning of the various images begin without further problems.

    Any leads or ideas for me to sort this out?

    Thank you kindly.



    Went through previous posts with a bit more thoroughness and.. ‘gulp’…came across the solution.

    Happy to have figured it out, sorry for having jumped the gun on this one.

    – for any beginner-types who could possibly benefit a little bit from this post, the solution to my confusion was found in the post titled: Jquery Cycle Plugin Issue by davidrtk on Wed Mar 18, 2009:

    the solution:



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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