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    So, on this page ( … nials.html) I would like the most important sentence of each testimonial to be peeking out when the page loads. Then, when a specific tab is clicked, the whole testimonial would be shown. Any ideas on how I can achieve this?

    Thanks in advance


    hmm… kinda tricky…

    I have found that this works but it jumps a bit…

    change the script to this…


    and the important sentence should be in a strong tag, and the rest should be in separate spans…
    for illustrations, this is what i did during testing…


    Pauly Toyota

    We were all “blown
    away” by the performance this aqueous unit THAT CLEANS BETTER

    “Pauly Toyota is a family owned dealership with over thirty years in the
    automotive industry.
    We recently had the opportunity to participate in
    a one-month trial of the above unit. It is a privilege to be involved in
    the development of this amazing new technology. We were all “blown
    away” by the performance this aqueous unit THAT CLEANS BETTER
    AND FASTER THAN MINERAL SPIRITS! And with constantly clean
    solution and no hazardous wastes to deal with. I was skeptical about
    this cleaning innovation . . . not any more.”

    Senior Automotive

    “As the largest manufacturer of flexible automotive components in the world,
    Senior Automotive is committed to achieving excellence for the automotive
    One of our goals was to reduce our VOC levels at all of our
    facilities. Our Bartlett, Illinois facility has been using your Grease Gator. It
    is working great and our people love it! The employees love the fact that this
    product does not smell bad like mineral spirits. They are amazed that your
    cleaning process is so easy on the hands with an improvement in cleaning
    power. This is truly impressive technology!”

    Dynamic Manufacturing

    “We are constantly evaluating pollution prevention/waste
    minimization alternatives including alternatives to solvent-based cleaners.
    We replaced one of our solvent parts washers with a Solvent Systems
    aqueous parts washer to see if it lived up to the hype. It did and more.
    Approximately 425 oily and dirty parts were cleaned using
    this system each day. Water was added to the system on a
    daily basis due to evaporation (minimal) and drag-out on
    the parts. Every other day, a five (5) gallon bucket of oil
    was decanted from the system’s oil separation mechanism.
    A simple turn of a valve allows the used oil to be drained
    from the machine keeping the cleaning solution always

    It is an incredible improvement over solvent. No odor, no
    risk of fire or explosion, reduces VOCs by 99.5%, reduces chemical and
    maintenance costs, and improves employee morale because it cleans so well
    and so easily.
    Dynamic Manufacturing strongly recommends the Solvent System Aqueous
    Parts Washer System!”

    Thanks! You’re a lifesaver. Anyway I could get the <strong> to disappear when the tab is expanded?


    instead of strong tags use spans but give them a class (such as "quote")

    then alter the script to look like this,


    still thinking of a better way to make this more smooth and less jumpy.


    If you add position: relative to div.msg_list (div with the class of msg_list), it will stop the jumps from the toggle


    Sweet. that does work…

    I see you got it working, did you setill want to remove the strong elements? if so, did you want them gone, or just not bold after the slideDown? I ask because I see you’re kinda mixing the solutions, You are using the script meant for all spans (the main quote should be a span with a class of quote

    main quote text here….

    but you are still using a strong element…

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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