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    Hi Everyone Im Jon from Bristol UK Been using css-tricks for a resource for info for a few months. Just wanted to show everyone my site and was hoping you guys would check it out. Ive written php for my own version of a simple blogging platform. Has a login page where i can post new topics and a commenting area for all that visit. Hoping you guys could check it out and let me know wat you think. good or bad will be appreciated. Cheers – Jon

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    ok had a look at your front page there.

    I can see why you highlighted your wee play on words to highlight you can do websites…… but really its distracting, as you should be saying it outright.
    it is just a bland page!!!

    it is ok spaced, and also wastes some space……

    sorry dude, it just seems rushed and bland

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    I have to agree.

    There is something to be said for minimal design. But intentional minimalism is a science and an art and still seems to remain stylish. The pages just feel… lacking.

    One thing to note on a few of the other pages is: the contact page… you need to put a form on it, or make your email a mailto. If you are going to bother putting your email on the page for spambots to find it, you might as well not make it frustrating and non-clickable.

    The blog page also has tons of misspellings on it, which really hurts your credibility. Easy fixed by a spell-checker plugin (assuming you’re using a platform that supports it) or just use firefox which has built in spell-checking.

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    I could’nt agree more.

    Could you check


    and give me some pointers about the new site



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    I would add more padding to the right black block.
    There are too many different fonts for this empt-like design
    I would try to work on a better styling for your logo, maybe trying to add more style to the J, L and S, this should make a difference and give your website a more personal atmosphere

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    dude, it just looks like the same bland page the only thing I quickly see is, its been moved about.

    give some colours/style to it. Add more content fill it up a bit.

    as said earlier, minimalist look is ok, for a site with more content.

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