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    I get this message in the status bar of firefox when I rollover the buttons of a small testimonials slider I’m trying to make on this webpage:

    I’ve no idea what this means or how to fix it.

    Can anyone help?



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    Lovely design of site by the way.

    From what I can see, the "href" property of the buttons is set to run "javascript:void(null);"

    It appears you are using a plugin to create the tabbed buttons, as in the source code of tabber.js there is the line

    DOM_a.href = “javascript:void(null);”;

    Therefore I assume that it is needed for the script to work. It might just be the way the coder has chosen to stop the page from reloading when you click a number

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    Thanks very much Mark for your help, and also for your kind comments on the design of the site.
    I guess I really just needed to be reassured when I saw the notice in the status bar of Firefox, that the script would actually still work.


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