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    Hi all!

    I’m looking to learn JavaScript to a decent level over the next few months and I was wondering if anyone has any ideas where I should start learning. I’ve been doing some searches on YouTube for video tuts but they either seem to be tediously slow or a little too fast for me to grasp.

    Where did you guys learn the language? Was there a book, a video series or something else that really made it all click with you?

    The end goal of this for me is to create a to-do-list web app with some fancy JS that ties everything together :)


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    If you’re brand new to JavaScript and want to start from scratch, I’d say that [Codeacademy](!/exercises/0) is a great place to start. They walk you through the fundamentals of JavaScript with a game.

    Once you have a grasp of it I’d suggest trying to make a HTML form with a number of required fields and a phone-number field and then write some JavaScript that stops the form from being submitted unless the required fields are filled and the phone-number field is actually a number, not text.

    This should give you the grounding to know how to integrate JavaScript into your site and make it work! Then I’d start looking at libraries like jQuery / Dojo as andy_unleash said.

    Mostly, just start small, experiment lots and if you don’t want to do exercises, just go straight ahead and build your todo list app. It’ll help heaps.

    Hope that helps.

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    Thanks guys!

    Just taking a look at Codeacademy now and it seems like a nice way to learn. Yea I do want to kinda dive into the to-do list app, but really have no knowledge of the syntax so have no idea where to start.

    But it looks like I should pick it up pretty quickly with Codeacademy, lots of writing the syntax out eventually it’ll be drilled into my head :P

    Thanks for the advice!

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    Also, [MDN]( is your best friend when it comes to JavaScript – if you ever need to look up what a function does, or whatever, that’s the place.

    Also, if you’re a book person, checkout Douglas Crockford’s “Javascript, the good parts”

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