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    I was looking at one of the tutorials chris did for a slider. It uses jquery to slide text in from the right then an image slides down from the top. My question is. is it better to use jquery for things like this? There is a lot of code that drives something like this. with the html, css, jquery plugins, javascript files. Why not just create the thing in flash and be done with it? One neat little box that slides right into your website. Anyone have an opinion on this?

    I am thinking that I will not use flash to make an entire website. But I think that it would be good to use it to make small things like adverstisements, or photogalleries. I think everyone accepts flash and it seems to display the same in all browsers.

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    I’m not anti-Flash, but for something as simple as a slider, JavaScript is certainly the way to go. These are real web elements, real web text, meaning search engines can read it and people can select the text. Adding new panels is something you can very easily with markup, or dynamically. Changing things like speed and behavior is also easy, a lot easier than firing up Flash, editing a document, re-exporting a SWF and replacing the file on the server.

    It also comes down to which technology you are most familiar with. If you are awesome with flash, I say go for it.

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    even with a dynamic content flash template, its still not as flexible as jquery. Remeber with jQuery you have complete control over your style options, so you can actually restyle and reuse your element quickly and easily.

    But like Chris, im not anti-flash – it can look really sexy, especially for building moduals like you say, and not for full sites :)

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