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    Hey there.
    I am finishing JavaScript Tutorial @ W3C Schools.
    I was searching for a book to continue my reading and getting better with JavaScript.
    I haven’t written any line of code and that’s bad as i always learn with the trial and error method.
    Unfortunately as it happened with CSS i haven’t learned anything (almost) from W3C.What i have learned came from here!
    But in contrast with CSS i believe JavaScript needs a good book to get the best from JS.
    I have in my shopping basket "Learning jQuery 1.3" (the new edition of the book Chris is recommending) ready to ship but i am holding off since i have read from the book description that you need to have JS knowledge + the fact that jQuery is a JS library.
    Any recommendations/thoughts etc are welcomed.



    If you’re already got a pretty decent understanding of the JavaScript fundamentals, I’d recommend The JavaScript Anthology from Sitepoint.

    Now that I’ve answered your question, I should say that now days you may not even need a book. Since you’ve got a good hold on the basics, I would recommend working your way through jQuery and it’s features; there’s almost no need to learn anything on your own if jQuery already does it (Prototype JS is also a good alternative). The jQuery website is good enough to not need a book, but there are books on it out there.

    IMO, you can’t go wrong with a Sitepoint publication.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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