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    Im trying to make some simple boxes that when clicked on drop down to give the user more information. This is obviously easy enough BUT I am really surprised with the issues I’m having in closing the other divs down when one opens.

    Im using this code snippet:


    and the link is :

    <a href="javascript:showMe(1);">China</a>

    Can anyone see any obvious issues with this code? Javascript really isn't my language - I'm mor eused to idiot based Python.


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    I’m not really that skilled at "raw" javascript like this. If you have a live link to an example though, so we could see the problem on the page, might be able to help…

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    Your routine works for me when I use the following markup. When I click on "China", it displays the first block and hides the second block and visa versa. I agree with Chris that you need to have a live link to your example and you should include the html markup as well because it is not clear what you are trying to do.



    This is a test for China

    test div_1

    This is a test for Japan


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