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    I am new to this world. This may be a foolish question. please give me an answer. Can we do the same things with both CSS & Javascript ?


    In general, JS can do things that CSS can’t…like remove / replace elements, create special transitions, apply classes dynamically etc.

    It entirely depends on what you are trying to do as to which is the best path.


    if you are new ( like me), JS can do a lot more than CSS. But i will still suggest get some hands on CSS (if you get time.)


    No. You can’t do same things with them. They are entirely different.

    CSS is a way for styling the elements you see on the document. It provides no logic on it’s own, you can’t do programming with it. CSS can do some tricks that make it seem like you’re modifying the document, but you really aren’t touching it all. It is only what you see that changes. Never the underlying logic or structure.

    JavaScript is a way for modifying the document and it’s structure on-the-fly, thus providing logic and as such is a full programming language. These days one of the most popular things to do with it is to communicate with the server so that no full page reload is necessary, giving a much smoother user experience as a result.


    What’s the reason for this question? If you can’t decide between styling with CSS or Javascript. Go with CSS. If you can’t decide on which to learn, you should learn both.


    > What’s the reason for this question?

    This… you can’t style with JS without knowing CSS anyway. I would say CSS is more important to learn. A website without JS can look good, a website without CSS not ;)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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