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  • # December 21, 2012 at 3:59 am

    on this site:
    if you hit the menubar on the bottom and hit on the message icon (kapcsolat), you wont be able to slide down those stuff.

    basicly checkboxes with css styled labels and animated one :checked, this thing doesnt slide down on iPhone 3g safary, anyone knows why? :S

    shall I make it with jquery so it will work 100%, or is there any fix for this?

    P.S: one more thing, whenever i click on a menuItem it will have a grey square, i thoughts its the ::selection, or a:active so i tried =

    ::selection { background-color: none; }
    *:active, a:active { background-color: none; }

    but whenever i touch the menu those grey squares still appear :X

    what kind of js script is used to float divs like this?

    ~ egyed attila

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