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    Having some minor troubles with FlexBox.

    I have two FlexBox classes created (.flex-rca & .flex-rcb). When I have elements wrapped in .container and then apply one of the FlexBox classes I created, they don’t follow the justify property.

    However if I apply the FlexBox classes to the parent elements and remove the .container classes, they justify just fine. The desired effect should be that both .help and .main-nav should butt up to the right side of the container as the FlexBox justify property is telling them to do. However they disobey.

    What am I not seeing that’s going wrong?

    NOTE: The whole point of this is to handle all positioning with FlexBox. I understand it’s not 100% implemented for all browsers. This is not a production site or code.


    Hmm no opinions yet? I’m still at a loss with this.


    Ok so I found the problem after doing some heavy duty coded stripping. The SKELETON framework was the culprit. It was adding before and after content to the container which was throwing my FlexBoxes out of whack.


    Phew… :)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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