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    Hi guys

    I’ve posted this on the Flickity GitHub page but no one so far has helped. I’m not sure if it’s my code or an issue with the plugin.

    My demo

    I’m finding that the cell containing my images collapses unless I give them a specific height. Issue is I don’t want to give them a height. I want the width to be the controlling factor in scale as per normal responsive design.

    To get around this I’ve set a height in my CSS then reset this to auto in my js which works but I’d need to set different heights for different breakpoints as in some browsers the auto doesn’t overwrite the value set in my CSS.

    It all just feels hacky and I cant help but feel that such a great popular plugin like this shouldn’t need such hacks and it’s me that’s doing something wrong.

    So in short, how do I prevent the cells from collapsing whilst not setting an explicit height in my CSS?

    Any help massively appreciated as I’ve been pulling my hair out for a few days now with this.

    Thanks Richard



    Found the solution just in case anyone stumbles upon this thread.

    You need to use the imagesLoaded true option.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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