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    Hi, guys

    Here is my script , there is setInterval and I want to clearInterval after you click on a button. Everything works if setInterval 500-1000ms, but when I change it on 200 buttonv continues jumps. I read somewhere that setInterval can be rewrite to setTimeout and I wondering if it can fix my problem? Thnaks for reply

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    It’s because your interval is faster than the animation, so they queue up. Even if you clear the interval, jQuery will keep playing queued up animations until they are all finished.

    Make sure the interval time is at least the total animation time, and check this how to clear the queue:

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    clear the interval and after that add


    Edit : @CrocoDillon beat me to it.

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    Thanks @CrocoDillon, @pixelgrid fixed with $button.stop(true, true);

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