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    I have three divs in a row which will ultimately contain three, “widgets,” (calendar, YouTube playlist, and an audio podcast). When I apply a width of 30% to the first two DIVs everything works, but when I apply any width to the third DIV it causes the whole page to shift left, (absolute position left:0). Also, any padding added to the DIVs contained within .widgets seems to affect the page. Why are these DIVs, the third in particular, causing so much trouble? and how should I go about achieving the design I have on paper, (in the SkyDrive link)?

    [JSFiddle for the results…]( “JSFiddle for the results”)
    [JSFiddle for the code…]( “JSFiddle for the Code”)
    [SkyDrive folder for screenshots and wireframe]( “SkyDrive folder for screenshots of results”)

    # March 3, 2013 at 4:49 pm

    When I added widths to each of the elements as you specified I had no problems. Can you link to an example where the issue is occurring?

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