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    m 22, living with my parents, and working two minimum wage jobs. my main career choice would be a musician, but since that isn’t the most economical choice I want to pursue a day job that is more reasonable so i can focus on my music career on the side (teach lessons, play gigs, etc). Im actually interested in Web development but I dont know if im willing to go to college and get in dept. Ive read online and many are saying you dont have to go to college to make it. So If i started learning with no experience at all how long on average would it take to start making money? I know it depend on the person. I’m asking because i can’t sit around for 4 years learning online at my parents house. I need to move out at some point. may be a weird question but any response helps


    Hey @brenton393

    working two minimum wage jobs

    You need to value your time more. If you don’t have any marketable skill that you can leverage against then build up that leverage, start researching and learning.

    If you need to increase your income now, so that you can do all your gigs on the side, look at variety of industries. I know there’s a huge need in Medical fields like nursing and pharmacy. If you live near big hospital see what job postings they have and what you need to qualify. There are some 2 year certification programs that will get you trough the door. I know in Boston, pharmacy technician gets about $16+/hr, many positions with room for growth. There is a huge need of good labor in these fields.

    my main career choice would be a musician

    Im actually interested in Web development but I dont know if im willing to go to college and get in dept.

    If first one is true, then avoid the second one. From what I’ve gather in your post, I would suggest not to acquire any debt. If you just need a job to make some quick money, there are jobs that only require training and will allow you to make more than minimum wage, and that might just be enough to support you as a musician. Look at local federal jobs, like working on a interstate toll booth, postal offices, others like UPS, FEDEX, and many many more.

    I’m 22

    Time is on your side. One of my friends at 28 decided to become a male nurse. From 6am-3pm he wipes shit but collects $35/hr. From 3pm to whenever he does his photography. Whipping, not very technical.

    may be a weird question but any response helps

    Again, time is on your side so be patient. Keep your mind and options open and remember there’s no shame in working and making money.

    Hope that helps,



    I see no shame for a twenty-something person in living at their parents’ house (if they don’t object of course). The people I know that have done so, seem to have been able to build a much more solid base. Avoiding debt is always a very good thing.


    I think that at your age, people in general have this kind of problem. They want to make money, and follow their dreams discover who they really are. Living with parents is not that bad. Their presence will help more than you think. About Web Developement…hmm…You wanted to be a musician, so you are an artist. Why not Web Design or Graphic Design… More easy and you can learn faster and when you notice how web works, there is web developement waiting for you.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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