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    I spent like one week trying to get a 3D map up on my site, only to have me take it down so I could move to wordpress.

    I still want to get it up but I need to figure something out first..

    Using wordpress i can put the code in the HTML part for that particular page..

    however I also need to place this code


    This is placed in the header..

    Only problem is that every time I view a page this code calls for the 3D route code every time. So every page I go to it comes up with a error can’t load error..

    Is there a way to make this code only work for that particular page? Maybe a jquery script or something.. thanks

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    In the HEAD, you should have a tag containing the function you need to run:
    <script type="text/javascript" language="javascript">
    function initMap() {

    Now in the BODY tag of the required HTML file, you can add an onload event, such as:
    <body onload="initMap();">

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