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    I’ve learned XHTML, CSS now

    I want to learn jquery to create much interactivity. is it must to learn JavaScript before ?

    if answer is yes then is it beneficial to learn C Programming (not c++) before to JavaScript ?

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    I would say that jquery might be easier to learn than javascript. I do not think you need to learn javascript inorder to use jquery. I don’t think c++ is anything like javascript. They have some similarities. but not much. I would say that if you could learn javascript then you should. but i wouldn’t worry about it. If you want to just learn jquery, go for it.

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    My understanding of Javascript comes from Actionscript in Flash. They’re syntaxs are both pretty similar.

    Loop in Actionscript

    for (var x:Number = 1; x < 10; x++)
    ***** something here *******

    Loop in Javascript

    for (var x = 1; x < 10; x++)
    ***** something here *******

    Actionscript has stuff like functions, variables, arrays, eventListeners, classes and (this).

    I still don’t fully understand either!!!

    Start with jQuery. It’s a lot simpler to get your head around as long as you understand the basic concepts of javascript and you can get results pretty fast.

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    can we do all the things from jquery which is possible by all other javascript framework ? is jquery is the best of all or other framework has somethins special ? is it enough to learn one framework of all?

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    jQuery is famous for being simple, quick, and easy to learn, hence it is the "write less, do more" javascript library. I learned jQuery with hardly a working knowledge of javascript, and it’s the only javascript library that I use. If you really get into writing small web apps with fancy effects, then you will probably have to learn javascript and other javascript libraries, but for just simple web design, jQuery is all you need.

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    but what about java. Is it used at all to bring cool things to web pages?

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    Slightly off topic, but can anyone recommend any good resources i can learn jquery in my spare time?

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    ScottMacD: This one is not very comprehensive, yet a good one to start with:

    []( “”)

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    Check out [30 Days to Learn jQuery](, free course from Tuts+.

    Don’t worry about JavaScript for now. Get a hang of jQuery, then once you have decent grasp of it, look trough the source code and see how they wrote the framework. This can give you some idea how JavaScript works. Another major reason to use jQuery is cross-browser compatibility right out of the box. And it’s actively maintained by the community.

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    You guys do realize this topic is almost 5 years old?

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    lol!!! thats hilarious! how did someone randomly find this and respond?

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