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    So, I’m still working on my site but it’s primary job is to serve as a website for my freelance business. That’s the goal: to make money.

    However, I want to also keep a blog and post code snippets and tutorials… you know, what everyone does with personal websites.

    Is this weird or inappropriate?

    The natural choice would be to have 2 sites, one for the freelance arm and one for a personal site. HOWEVER, I’m kind of unsure of where my career is going right now. I don’t know if I want to keep freelancing or go to work for a company. I just want to keep my options open and increase my exposure.

    Therefore, I kind of want to keep everything under one domain. What do you think? Will this cause confusion?

    Should I create a separate sub domain?


    Subdomain! It’s pretty much exactly what you want. You can even keep them visually connected if you want. It’s exactly what I do and I love having each ‘arm’ of my online self have its own identity.


    Code snippets and tutorials (and a blog, depending on how personal the focus is) can be marketing tools for your freelancing, too. Just depends on what sort of client you want to attract.


    So, could be the personal side and could be the freelance side?

    You can pretty much do it any way you want.


    There are no rules. I don’t think there is one employer or client that will sit there and make a decision solely based on whether your blog is filled with personal, code snippets or business. Stop looking what everyone else is doing and do what feels right for you. Your own business direction.

    Like I mentioned before, communicate your value preposition and everything else is added bonus.

    Personally, I would keep everything under one roof. No sub-domains. Tag your content appropriately and get to work; solve problems. Start small. Really small and don’t over contemplate. You’ll want to scrap it a year anyways.

    Check out Dan Mall or Brad Frost.

    Your brand is you. Why complicate things?


    Design is about communication.

    Pretty doesn’t sell shit.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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