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    Hey everyone,

    I was wondering how most people felt about the board.

    in particular the main parts of the board. e.g. CSS troubleshooting, other discussions etc

    I have noticed the site grow slightly since I have been here, and I sometimes don’t know what topic to put some threads under.

    would it be a good idea to break up the boards to have more topic areas e.g.:


    |_____ strict
    |_____ trans

    |_____ troubleshooting
    |_____ help

    |_____ troubleshooting
    |_____ help

    |_____ help please

    this is only an idea and not meant to be what I am looking for, but breaking up the site into smaller and more manageable/understandable sections may help others get better help, or ask the right questions in the right area

    what does he forum members and forum admins think?


    Might be nice to separate out the board into smaller subsections to organize things better. In my opinion though, "troubleshooting" and "help" are basically the same thing. Also, I’m not sure if we should have two separate subsections for "strict" and "trans".

    Having "tricks" subsections and "troubleshooting" subsections could be useful — in one area, people can post useful snippets of code, and get help in the other. As you said, it would be useful to have dedicated PHP and WordPress subsections (though maybe WordPress could be expanded to WordPress & Other CMS’s?).

    Still think it would be good to keep the Web Design Gallery & Feedback section, as well as the "Other Discussions" (or rename it to "open forum"?)

    Rob MacKay

    yea I agree – the board has grown alot since I have been here, it might be more use to arrange it like that. I like docs idea of tricks and tips. Might also be useful to have a sticky in each topic with some kinda general FAQ’s just because there are alot of questions that come up again and again.

    I like the idea of a CMS area, as so many people use CMS’s these days – and dont really know much about the languages behind them… I would say pasting PHP in a document is different from actually coding it – so maybe having clear sections would help there.

    With all that positive, im also concerend that it could become a little big… theres nothing worse than trying to trawl through a forum with hundreds of threads, topics and sub sections :) Im sure it wont come to that though…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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