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    Is it possible to make a marquee with a image in the background of my site. I also want to do with with my sites MySpace


    (ABOVE CODE)I cant make this the background of my site… I want to make it go in the top left corner

    body{background: transparent url(;
    background-color: 1b1b1b;
    background-position: top left;
    background-repeat: no-repeat;

    this is the static image…it just stays on the top left even when scrolling but i want it to move like a marquee.

    if anyone is wondering why i am doing this, i am trying to make it look like the moon is moving across the sky during the time visitors are on my site.

    hope someone could help

    thanks :D

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    marquee is a deprecated HTML element, so its use is frowned upon. It’s both a styling element and behavioural and has no place in modern HTML mark-up.
    You could use an animated gif? Or a flash animation which, given that it’s purely a design feature I don’t see any problems with accessibility with using flash in this case.
    If you wanted to use coding for such a design, then I would class a moving image as behavioural content so you might look at javascript to move your image across the screen.

    I’d be inclined to use flash in this case – and I don’t say that often :p lol

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