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    Have a look:
    Not everything works perfectly yet but I’d like to know what my chances are to get the website listed in css galleries.
    Oh, and suggestions on design improvements are welcome! :)


    I like how your styled your site. The background is nice and the post-it navigation is pretty cool. Your php pages work well to me. Where do you go to learn how to do that in PHP?


    @ Tortugita , thanks but the php was the work of the back-end guy on the project. :D

    , thank you. About the login area, do you mean give them some depth? (like some shadows?)


    The login-button is the first thing that makes it stand out. We all know how hard it is to style the input-elements cross-browser, so maybe the only thing you should do is change the colours?

    Second, all the links in the top-area looks exactly like the label-elements, why is that?

    You’ve created a nice and accessible design (1) which degrades gracefully (IE6 and older).

    1: Actually, that depends on how you do the registration-link on top. If you use a javascript pop-up window it wouldn’t be much accessible, would it?


    @ koewnet, thanks for the practical suggestions. yeah, I’ll make sure the labels have a bit smaller font-size than the rest and I won’t be using pop-ups!
    Thanks again


    looks like the kind of sites that get listed in these galleries that are everywhere.

    while its cool get on them.. the traffic is largely useless and "you" (the uploader) are the only one that actually cares that "your" site posted. thats my opinion of them. You’re bounce rate is def going up and returning users is going down.

    but yeah. looks pretty good. i would try and give the content are some better padding. looks a little cramped.


    I really like this. The background looks great!

    I would tweak the contact form a bit — to me, it looks out of balance. All the weight is on the left. You could try moving the form over to the right a bit or make the input fields longer. Anyway, just my humble opinion.


    Thanks everyone for your practical suggestions. Will be changing things soon! :)


    Pretty sweet design!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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