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    If i use sIFR , FLIR or same type of solutions on my sites for a main content text for all pages which comes in a <p> text here </P>. is it advisable to use those custom fonts solutions for a whole site’s paragraph. actually i want to use a font that not comes in default Windows , MAC installation.

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    I wouldn’t do it. I definitely wouldn’t recommend it with the image-replacement techniques like flir or cufon because you lose the ability to select and interact with that text – and then I wouldn’t do it with sifr because it would REALLY slow things down.

    Also, if you really think about it – there’s not a great reason to use crazy fonts in the body text – If you’re using something really stylistic, you’re going to reduce legibility – and if you just want to use univers as opposed to helvetica, it’s more trouble than it’s worth to be absolutely sure that your font will render on all platforms – you and your designer friends are the only ones who will notice.

    A good solution is just to take your time and create a great stack – there’s no reason to not use Univers, or Hoefler text, or whatever font on the web – just as long as you understand that it will not be available to many users – so you make a good stack that covers everybody.

    Take a look at this article on sitepoint: … nt-stacks/
    I really like using variations of their helvetica/arial stack.

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    Thx for quick and informative reply.

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