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    I asked this question because I sent an email to him some weeks back but up till now, he is yet to reply me.
    I want him to be my web design mentor.
    I like him.
    But he’s not replying.
    I guess he’s a very busy man.
    Pls someone should draw his attention.

    Kitty Giraudel

    I am pretty sure you can’t simply go ask someone to be your mentor. Even if it is flattering, it is probably kind of inappropriate (at least to me).

    To answer your question, yes. Chris Coyier is pretty much always busy. Running CSS-Tricks, CodePen, ShopTalk and probably a few other things non-web related at the same time.


    @HugoGiraudel, pls how should I have asked? I wanted him to maybe reply and tell me what it entails.
    I was not flattering him. I was expecting him to at least give me some direction.
    There was a time I sent a personal message to Walton Trent, and he graciously replied me.


    For instance, I never knew there is something like ‘Lodge.’ He should have taken time to point me to that. I just learned about it now while reading the latest post on css-tricks home page.
    We should learn to treat newbies with grace.


    @CodeGraphics, having a mentor or school or whatever could be nice sometimes.
    But learning all by your self, see what sources are reliable and which not will not only broaden your horizon on future topics you seek help, but will also help you to get around.
    It is not the fast way but in my honest opinion the best.
    I was teaching other interested people privately for free. However I saw that they tend to ask me everything before searching for a solution on their own.

    You can also join communities to get help if you have no idea how to continue or even how to start.
    You’ll need lots of time to get into development.

    That’s all I have to say for now, I hope it was a bit of help for you.


    > If that happens then you’re probably not cut out for this industry

    WORD :) Having a mentor is all fine, but you should be able to learn on your own.


    Good. I actually I know html/css, and I can write @media query and the site will be responsive. But I really need someone that will be guiding me so that I can thoroughly develop a responsive and beautiful sites like Chris Coyier and Walton Trent.


    No offence, but he’s a busy guy so I doubt he has time to donate for free to help individuals – CSS is the biggest help you can get. My advice is get a lodge membership, maybe a treehouse or membership and just start building websites.


    ok. thanks all. I will go for lodge, lynda and tutsplus.


    There is tons of stuff available.
    Beside the lodge, you can profit of Chris Coyer on the [shoptalkshow]( “shoptalkshow”) podcast.
    Like a personal mentor might be the “[Advanced (WordPress) Developer Course]( “Next Course: March 18th – April 12th”)” of Dustin Hartzler of [Your Website Engineer]( “Your Website Engineer”)
    Also some of the best speakers you can hear at []( “If you can’t be there, besquare – watch/listen to some of the greatest in our industry give talks from the best conferences around the world.”)
    It propably wont stay free forever but right now you can get a lot for no money at all.


    besquare ! great resource : )


    @codegraphics, you come off as pushy, rude and entitled in this thread. definitely not a good look for a web design professional.

    mr coyier has done more than enough for this industry and doesnt owe anyone anything. just be happy he’s put together this amazing site, and if you need help with something ask on the forums.

    ps: it’s trent walton, not walton trent…lol

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