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Home Forums Design Is anyone here designing responsive sites that consider smartwatches?

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    Howdy. I’m curious if anyone is designing for such tiny screens and how they go about it. I’ve not considered designing much below 320×480 pixels.


    I thought about it, briefly, when omate was running their kickstarter. Dropped the idea pretty quick. It’s a very, very small (no pun intended) target audience.


    I’m not a professional but I think that it can be a fun challenge designing a website to work on such small screens.

    I’ve said screens, not resolutions, because there are huge differences when it comes to this matter. There are devices with larger screens but not so high resolution, and on the other hand very small ones with very high resolution.

    I wouldn’t consider pixels at all but rather use em‘s only. You can just resize your browser window to check how the site looks when its very small, and also use tools like Screenfly, etc.


    Not a chance.


    A friend of mine hacked the original Galaxy Gear to get a browser on it.

    Then I used a (heavily) modified foundation 5 build to toy around with UI. It was a fun project but realistically it has no practical purpose because most of them don’t have browsers.

    It may however be more practical to explore google polymer for “cards” on android Wear and Glass

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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