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    From what I just read it looks like not until the iphone 5 will it support multitasking on the verizon network…

    “No 4G. Though Verizon handsets don’t yet support it, the timing of this announcement seemed primed for speculation. Would this CDMA-friendly version of the iPhone support the new Long Term Evolution (LTE) network? No dice. Looks like subscribers will have to wait a little longer, at least until the iPhone 5 hits later this year.”,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=822bf32b5c0e0691


    @Eric, springlab did not say the iPhone had multitasking capability. He stated that Verizon’s 4G network has fixed an issue where voice/data can be used at the same time. It is true that AT&T’s 4G is actually a faster version of their 3G.


    @eric…even the iphone 5 will NOT have 4g capability. Yes…no 4g for the new iphone that is do out this summer. The new LTE chip and components are larger then the veteran 3g components….thus the new phones are slightly thicker, but still not that big of an issue for what you get in return. In time they will shrink in size like when 3g first came out. Not sure the reason why Apple will not be going to 4g…some say they don’t want to make a larger phone when Apple tries to make everything slimmer, thinner and pretty. Others say it is Apple finally confronting the fact they are competing against a fleet of competition (using open source) that work hard to stay on the cutting edge with new phones being released every week it seems. Apple’s seo even announced towards the end of last year that they would not be able to stay up with android and at rate is is growing…thanks to open source. Apple is a great product, but they fault in the fact that they keep everything close lid. Everything has to go through them….for everything! iphone and android are great products as it just depends on what you want. Also keep in mind dual core is coming (even the iphone 5) and this will be changing the playing field for developers as they can really show off their talents.
    One phone that you might want to keep an eye on is the Motorola Droid Bionic do out by summer. Will have dual core and has the ability to hook into your laptop so you can run it on you laptop…. awesome! It was scheduled to be released on the verizon LTE 4g network this month, but has been delayed as rumor is they want to improve on the phone they showed at the Vegas show (which was the show stopper as was)….so only one can imagine what they have coming.
    Pick your phone…use it ….love it….they all do what you want.


    Is the iPhone 5 not 4G capable rumor specs or official specs? The last I knew, the iPhone 5 will have 4G capability and that Steve Jobs is upset with networks for not getting their act together when it comes to distributing 4G so the iPhone 5 basically won’t receive bad reviews on speed, etc. That might also be why Apple is investing in the networks 4G to hurry and produce nationwide coverage.

    Participant ….is just to start.
    Also take note that the new ipad 2 does not even have 4g where as the Motorala xoom will be offering it by summer and even offering users who bought the first ones with 3g a chance to ship them back and have them retrofitted for the 4g components.
    This is just another example of how Apples competition can move just a little bit faster. Apple does a great job when they release a product, but that product goes into an “old school” stage mid way for that product cycle and before the new version. Where as the competition can release the newest thing week after week, because if for example HTC does not release the newest thing….Motorola will and if not them, Samsung or who ever else is in the game.


    Yeah, it’s speculation not confirmed. What doesn’t make sense is why Apple is investing and pushing for networks to convert to 4G if it were not going to put 4G in the iPhone 5. Be aware that blogs also like to make up stories and create controversy to generate a better rank and revenue with adspace.


    It’s confirmed….the iphone will not see the LTE 4g till at least iphone 6. That makes it roughly sometime mid to late 2012 or even 2013. My source you ask…lets just say I heard a little birdie….a reliable birdie at that.


    From my experience using both extensively, I’d choose the iPhone. In my opinion, I find it to be more reliable in terms of performance and functionality. Everything just runs a little more smoothly and you can trust everything you download from the AppStore.


    iPhones are definitely more reliable and have a smoother experience out of the box and have the luxury of iTunes syncing. biggest drawback is the iron clamp of the AppStore and iTunes.

    Androids are much more customizable and open, and recently have leapt ahead of iPhones in terms of hardware and raw power. but they suffer a lot from stability issues (especially in lower-end phones) and really ugly apps.


    It depends upon your choice……..
    If I have to suggest, i’l say iphone…
    Its got latest tech, nice features, great developers team is behind it to solve any kind of problems and Apple name is associated with it…….


    I’m pretty much OS agnostic at this point – what I would say is either get an iPhone or a high end Samsung or HTC Android.

    On that basis the costs are similar, the stability is similar and it really comes down to which design you like and how important the camera is to you (iPhone’s is best).

    Also do you use iTunes a lot – do you want to use your phone as an iPod replacement in which case iPhone wins it – though Double Twist on Android isn’t a bad solution it isn’t as slick as the iPhone.


    Absolutely android is launched by Google and it is latest and more preferred by all brands such as nokia, Htc, and Sony Erricson and it will be user friendly os. The Android app developer are made the interesting apps for their users.

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