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    I’ve used an iPhone and android before, but I’m definitely not familiar with either. What would you say the positives and negatives of the one VS the other are?

    I know I could Google, but I want to know your (Web developer/designers) opinions.

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    Where do you live and what network are you on? at&t or verizon?

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    Neither, I’m from South Africa.

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    lol @jamy_za ;-)

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    Hey Jamy, are you talking about the positives/negatives of owning one or developing for one?

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    @Jamy_za, How about what can one do that the other cannot?

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    Lol, it looks like I didn’t explain myself properly. I want to own one for personal use but I want to know what the positives/negatives are from a developers (web savvy person) point of view.

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    I ran into this issue when I first was shopping for a blackberry. Everyone told me to get one even though Android just hit the market because the platform was new and it wasn’t worth the gamble. iPhone was a no-no since AT&T sucks and I have Verizon. Now, I feel it was all personal opinion and wish I never had purchased a Blackberry in the first place. People will tell you to go play with one and see which you like. I think that would be ok if you were testing how it felt in your hands but actually using it day to day is so much different than playing with it at a store. So until you actually use one for a few days will most likely determine your preference. Now I’m stuck with Blackberry and its infamous messenger.

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    Here’s my 2 cents.

    The whole argument boils down to the camera.

    Take a brief inventory of what kind of stuff you’ll generally use on a phone in a typical day/week. For me, it’s email, text, phone, light internet use, occasional use of googlemaps and apps like a movie finder or All of those things work pretty much the same on either platform.

    Android for the most part even modeled their current OS off of iOS, so it functions primarily like an iPhone.

    The camera is the singular item that largely differs that I use in a typical day that is ridiculously better on an iPhone.

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    The company I work for does its fair share of mobile development and so we have a bunch of smartphones around the office for testing purposes, and after using all of them several times I still much, much prefer the iPhone (although the Windows 7 phone is kinda nice too apart from its IE7 browser). It does depend on which Android phone you buy however, as certain models are far superior to others, but on the whole it just feels like everything on the iPhone is so well thought out, it all works so well, everything is just so slick. It does suck that it’s only available with 3G at the moment though, not so speedy loading webpages on the go. I have friends/family who have decent android devices, and they love them, until I let them play on my iPhone.

    Just my 2 cents!

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    I have a iPhone 4 and love everything about it. I couldn’t imagine a device being anymore slick.

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    @Eric, on what network?

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    AT&T. I know it’s rep. It’s not too bad in my area. What I do like about AT&T, and that Verizon is not capable of, is that I can talk on speaker as I look up an address on the map or something on th web. Now that I know Verizon can’t do this I’m conscious of how often I’m doing that.

    # April 29, 2011 at 12:41 am

    @Eric….FALSE. Verizon has fixed the issue with their new LTE 4G network and please don’t compair at&t 4g to Verizons 4g. They are not even close! At&t is what is called a bandaid 4g…another words they improved on what they have and made it faster so they call it 4g. Verizon new LTE is a complete new technology that has speeds that are jaw dropping and there is plenty of proven data to show it….and yes it is not everywhere but they are making a huge push to bring it everywhere.

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    Thanks for the input guys.

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