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    Was thinking about trying to write an application for the apple or perhaps other devices

    I’ve noticed on the apple website you can download some stuff but it all looks a bit too easy. What languages would you recommend someone have good knowledge in before getting started.

    Also, this may be obvious but would these apps also work on other devices such as Blackberry and Nokia’s new device and if not does anyone know how they are made.


    First you should decide what you want.
    You can build a Web app and target devices with media queries (css styles).

    If you want to write native apps, you are little bit wrong here. ->Search for:

    iOs(iPad/iPhone): Objective-C
    Android: Java

    Nokia & Blackberry: no idea

    ps: To develop native iphone or ipad apps you need a apple ios developer account.


    It’s certainly not easy! Apple actually seem to make it difficult to develop native apps for their devices, you have to obtain a certificate just to test apps on your device. If you have a web development skill set then I’d advise creating a web app with HTML/JavaScript and then using a service such as phone gap or Appcelerator to convert to native, which can then be used on a range of devices(iOS/android etc). Developing native apps in objective C or java is pretty complex if you’ve never used those languages before, and I don’t like the fact that I’d have to learn a completely different language for different devices. Going cross-platform using one of those packaging methods is the best idea in my opinion!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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