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    I would love to get into App Development, but at heart I’m just not a programmer.

    Preferably, I don’t want to go to school and bet a Bachelor in Computer Science. That is time and money that I can’t commit, especially already having a full time web development job. What I would love to do is take a credible online course (there are no local programs in the area to teach me exactly what I need). Does anyone know of such a thing?

    Does anyone build apps for the iPhone? How did you start out?



    I haven’t heard of any online courses.

    I wouldn’t really know where to get started, but I would definitely check out mobiletuts if you haven’t yet.


    Thanks guys.

    I actually subscribed to the Stanford iTunes U stuff. It’s amazing. I’ve started with the intro programming course and will be doing all three of the programming courses they offer. Then, once I feel confident with all three of those, I’ll venture into the iPhone App Dev course.

    Huge props to Stanford for doing this. Definitely temporarily calling myself a Stanford student!


    Hi I dont know if this is of any help but have you tried the book “begining iPhone Development” by Dave Mark and Jeff LaMarche published by apress? It walks you through a lot of different tutorials and has helped me no end I also subscribed to mobiletuts which is a great source of inspiration

    Chris Coyier

    From what I’ve heard, this is the best:


    I’ve been following the Objective-C and iPhone Development tutorials on The New Boston and have made one or two working apps.
    I tried the Stanford iTunes U, but some things the guy did didn’t seem to produce the same result (most iPhone dev tuts out there are older than iOS 5, which has made many changes.
    I also found that along with thenewboston, looking stuff up in the Apple Developers’ portal I get all the stuff that has been update.


    @Senff Why use C++? iOS development is done in Objective-C.
    And TheNewBoston tutorials are very good, though it would help to watch the many Objective-C tutorials before the iOS ones. It also means that you could develop for Mac as well as iOS.



    Go through the below links and you will get some ideas about the online development process courses. Many like these available in the net, but you have to choose the best one to proceed with.

    For any kind of app development processes, visit, where you can find about the Innoppl mobile app developers Atlanta functionality and the projects they worked in and how to built basic apps at ease


    I’ve dabbled a bit in C and Objective C (the languages you need to know), and the stuff that worked for me was the Apress Objective C books.
    That book specifically will allow you to start from scratch.

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