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  • # September 6, 2017 at 8:52 am

    Trying to understand a quirk in intersectionObserver API.

    If an observed element is partially on screen but has not met the threshold defined in the options I would expect the call back not to fire, but it does. Trying to understand why or how to prevent it on page load.

    function handleIntersect(entries, observer) { entries.forEach(function(entry) { if (entry.isIntersecting) { // Should only fire at ~0.8 console.log(entry, entry.intersectionRatio);'play'); } }); } function createObserver(element) { let observer; const options = { threshold: [0.8] }; observer = new IntersectionObserver(handleIntersect, options); observer.observe(element); } const waypoints = document.querySelectorAll('.section'); waypoints.forEach(waypoint => { createObserver(waypoint); });

    Reduced test case:

    Notice how the first 2 sections are animated in even though the second section does not meet the 0.8 threshold (console log). The first inclination is to add an intersectionRatio > 0.8 check, but this is a duplicate effort. Also, the ratio reporting is delayed so could be inaccurate enough not to pass this check.

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