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    Before I get started, I must say that I’m a newbie at all this and have only been learning for about a year. I’ve come a long way in a short amount of time. That said, here we go. I’ve been helping to create a site for my wife and we recently had a big fall out with IE. I’ve been using RapidWeaver on a Mac. The site displays correctly in Safari, Firefox and Chrome. However, when in IE, it is completely garbled. The fonts are incorrect, the header is pushed way down, the content text is an unreadable light gray. Just completely screwed up. I think everything started last week when I created a new CSS3 menu. Before then, I believe that everything was fine. I did this because the original theme didn’t have built in dropdowns so I created another. Anyway, I’m thinking I need a conditional for IE but I just don’t know where to start. Any help, tips or advise would be great. Oh yeah, the site is

    Thanks in advance.


    You can start by fixing some of the validation errors:

    185 Errors and 55 Warnings!

    Don’t quite have time to go through everything right now, but perhaps somebody else can lend a hand!


    No thanks. Normally I like helping out with css issues, but not with that many errors and warnings. I can almost guarantee that fixing those will fix your site. After those are taken care of I’ll jump in and see what I can spot


    My best suggestion is that when designing and coding the website, you test in multiple browsers from the beginning. That way it’s easier to catch issues from the start and get them fixed.

    For this scenario you’ll have to approach each issue individually and make corrections. Make sure you test in multiple browsers while you’re making your corrections to be sure nothing else was affected.

    Margins/padding, floats, etc can be very different between browsers. I would start with those.


    Solution to compatibility problem. Browser Reset:


    – IE8 does not fully support CSS3. It only supports some of the selectors

    – IE9 beta uses a different box model. I havent seen your site but beware of things like background gradients.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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