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    Hi guys of CSS :D … well lemme get to the point:

    I’m maiking a website for a real state company in my city but the problem is that I use chrome and firefox for testing, I finished and page looked nice to me but then I tried to see what I have finished in IE 6 to show my client some advance and I can’t see the first two menu options and the sprites…

    Any idea or something I don’t know about that tecnique?

    All I did was to put all my menu together(as chris did in videotutorials) and then using url(..images…) xposition yposition no-repeat; in CSS.
    I am also using the A tag for filling the spaces and a span to add the text image in the menu, It did worked well but then I merged them in sprites and all went wrong *I repeat Only in IE, in chrome and firefox I see them properly, I even validated in CSS3.0.

    the page in question->

    If you try to open it with firefox or chrome you may see my CSS menu working fine but then open it in IE and you will see my problem.. Well thank you and sorry for being so repetitive but I JUST DON’T GET WHAT’S WRONG IN IE :roll:

    I hope any of you can help me to figure out what is wrong with IE8 >_<

    "jamy_za" wrote:
    Hmmm, I can’t tell right now, but I’ve got a feeling if you get rid of the ‘span’ it could fix your problem. You can give the <span> background to the <a> link and the <a> background to the <li>, that way you get rid of unnecessary html markup. (Generally speaking, the more simple your website the better it will work in ie)

    woa thanks a lot buddy, I haven’t thought of that solution xD lemme try it and see if it fixes the damn bug xD :)


    Well I managed to fix it in the most stupid way, i guess In the "IE WAY" haha :lol:

    I got rid of the span just for beauty but I needed to literally read only the sprites missing from a direct file, the rest are in sprite, so this post can be closed :) TY a lot to jamy_za and I hope I can help you more here xD

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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