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    Hello. I think this is my 3rd rendition of this site (you know how that goes) :) There is a method to my madness however. As I’ve been learning jquery I wanted to make sure that I’m highlighting that in my own portfolio site. So this is what I’ve built with that in mind. I’ve written all the jquery from scratch to help me learn it. You can see I’m not done, but what I’d like to do is a light-box-esk way to view the images on the portfolio page. And I want to build in some cool form usability jquery as well.

    I haven’t even spell checked anything, so take the content with a grain of salt :)

    So please let me know your thoughts and opinions of what you think could be improved upon.



    Just a quick thought.

    You make the nav rollovers say something different when they are flipped to yellow. " click here for more" as an example. But I think it would work best if you have each one say something pertaining to the specific category.


    Let me start with what I like:

    1) The colors are beautiful, love that greenish dominant blue. The orange in the corner of the frame is very well done, although it seems almost like a little creature hanging on to the side at first glance! ;)

    2) Good subtle use of jQuery

    3) Good chunky font

    4) The nice use of the orange/leaf as a bullet/icon

    As for what I don’t entirely vibe with:

    1) It seems it lacks some form of cohesion…I like the direction but it’s a bit scattered still. I feel it’s the full width colors and then the very tiny bounding box for content that initially doesn’t draw me in the way I feel it should. I love the contrasting colors, but I feel they can be toned down a bit, or perhaps more subtle fashion. For example, the bright orange arrowbar for the main jQuery feature on the homepage is eye-catching but a bit too eye-catching.

    2) Something I’ve been realizing lately is it’s SO very important for us designers to show our work first! I checked my Google Analytics recently and 95% of the clicks are to the ones that have to do with my portfolio. Almost no clicks to About or any other page. So as I re-design my site (again), I am moving my portfolio (or at least a good chunk of it) to the homepage. This way I feel I will engage the user immediately and basically give them what they want to see…the work I’ve done. This design is very text rich (and I understand you haven’t filled in the blanks yet too) which is good but I feel could show more of your work (which seems really solid) first. My current website is very guilty of this as well. Just food for thought!

    3) If you keep that navbar, I would remove the triangle cutout and save it to mark the "current" page. I also dig maro’s input.

    4) You have some ‘banner wash’ at the bottom of the company page It’s cool you know it and I personally like it, but unless you’re using this site to freelance to other web design firms that know what that stuff is, most people will just be confused and it will detract from the story you are trying to tell with the site. Once again, just food for thought.

    Hope that helps, dude. Overall I think you have a strong creative direction here, but I feel it needs some expanding (visually and figuratively) and more focus on the user’s experience.


    I would flip the box so the navigation is on the left hand side. To me it seems more natural. I think I read somewhere that our eyes naturally go to the top left corner, but I am not sure. It looks great!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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