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    Hey there.

    I’m building a website with a forum. I chose WordPress 3.0 for the basis of it all and phpBB4 as forum.
    Of course I want the forum to blend into my wordpress site. What I did to achieve this:
    – elimnate the phpBB3 header
    – load the forum into a new wordpress page, using


    That works amazingly well.

    Now I decided that it would be nice to see the latest 5 forum topics in the sidebar of the blog. After some trying and reading and trying and reading I came up with this little PHP script:


    I integrated it into the sidebar and it also works amazingly well. However, a click on one of the links generated by this script takes me directly to the thread, loading the page filling the whole browser window.
    What I want, of course, is that this thread is also shown inside my wordpress page.

    So instead of using the direct link to the thread, I need the script to open (the wordpress static page that loads the forum via "object") and to modify the link in the object-tag so that the static wordpress page no longer loads the forum’s index page, but the thread.

    Do you know what I mean? Any ideas?
    Thanks in advance!

    Should you "need" to see the actual page: email me at [email protected]. Don’t want to post the address publicly while all of this is still work in progress…


    well, I would think that it would be a post_id and that you could use the post_id in the link to take it to that page. Have you tried that?


    Well, yes – but that takes it directly to that post/thread which is than being displayed "full screen" and not within my (WordPress) design any more.


    then I would say that you need to add the code to the propper wordpress template. have you checked the other templates? and by that I mean page.php, single.php and whatever else they threw in there. you might have the forum code in page.php but a single post might come up in single.php which means you need to add the code to that as well.


    I’ll look and try. :)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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