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    The goal is to have a div slide horizontally in a loop. No space between. No interactivity needed. For now we’ve setup a page with good old marquee tag. But that is not a gap-less loop.

    Only extra on the whole page would be an infobox about the page displayed; but that’s relatively easy with


    I’ve used AnythingSlider on a previous occasion, but before stripping it down to just this functionality and before getting myself to deep in the whole of jQuerry – i thought i’d ask. As i believe this is a relatively simple task.

    Here is the marquee version. Note that using marquee i cannot seem to close the gap between begin and end.
    ‘sea of tranquillity’

    I’ve also asked this question on Quora, but to no avail.

    As a side note; this is a small digital art-project using a photo we took at the exhibition ‘Sea of Tranquillity’ which accompanies the movie with that title. We would like to finish this digital work before showing it to the artist Hans Op de Beeck – Sea of Tranquillity

    Thanks for looking into this,

    Jon & Ibe

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