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    Hi all!

    Bit of a awkward one here. I’ve built a client website, and want to test it on their live server before the official hand-over.

    Annoyingly, he doesn’t have any subdomains on his hosting account. So, I’m trying to install WP into a folder on his site.

    But, I get the impression that I can’t have display his current (old) website, and display a whole new website without affecting the other?

    I’ve created the wp folder in the root of his server and moved all of the files across, created a new DB and imported all of the tables. Changing the Site URL and Home table rows in the wp_options table to

    This didn’t work for some reason, I’m assuming because WP is expecting the index.php to be in the actual root of the site rather than inside a folder?


    The folder is considered a subdomain. You have to copy (do not move!) the index.php and htaccess file and put it in the root, I believe. There are numerous tutorials on this.


    Wait. Don’t copy anything!

    So the clients current website is at root…


    and you want to test, not deploy… so create folder inside root


    install clean copy of wordpress, then import all the content/files/theme for testing

    when you’re ready to deploy, it’s just a matter of changing few things… you might also want to protect /root/wordpress folder with .htaccess so that it’s not accessible to public.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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