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    I am applying an inset box-shadow to input (specifically type text) form elements. It appears great in all the browsers that support the box-shadow property and for remainder of browsers (basically <=IE8), I have a separate style sheet in place that adds a basic 1px border. The problem is that in Opera 11.X.X, the box-shadow with inset doesn’t work on the input element. Based on my research, Opera 11 does support box-shadow and box-shadow with the inset option. I tested it with Modenizr and I do indeed receive the box-shadow class. I also tested it on a div and it works too. It just doesn’t work on the input which is what I need in this case or I need a way to had the simple 1px border.

    I created an example of my problem on jsFiddle.

    Has anyone seen this before and do you have any solutions?



    Looks fine to me: Opera 11.60

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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