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    How do i solve inline !important ;?

    i tired !important !important but its not work .

    !important !important property is right kind property or not ?
    plz clear this issue n help me.

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    Why are you using `!important`?

    You can’t double up on it and make it “stronger”.

    Inline CSS will, as a general rule, override any CSS in your stylesheet assuming the same level of specificity.

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    declaration space !important single one;

    width:1000px !important;

    having important both inline and in css file the inline declaration applies

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    The only way to override inline styles is using !important in your stylesheet, unless… the inline style already has !important.

    Short answer: impossible.

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    Not impossible: you can override it by adding another inline style after that:

    But that’s definitely the only way, I think.

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    Oh yeah, when I said impossible I meant from within a stylesheet of course :)

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    a solution is to remove the style attribute all together and then set the width manually if thats the only style you want to apply or add a class with all the styles you want


    im using jquery in the example

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    you no need to use !important in your inline style. you just add float:left;

    .fluid {
    width:100% ;

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