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    @Paulie_D Most of the time the extra white space doesn’t bother me, so I just leave it, but when I do need a fix, that is my go to. I probably should do some further testing though, I just use that because it’s easy.

    In the end, changing the markup is the most reliable, but then you’re kind of blurring content and style…


    1. It isn’t that uncommon to see font being set in the body tag.
    2. It is possible to change the default font to something else than Times New Roman.
    3. Default font might have different measurements on non-Windows systems. OS X, Linux, Android, game consoles etc.


    Sounds like you guys have a pretty good grasp of the situation, but I thought I’d mention a relatively new font from Adobe to utilize via @font-face that intentionally has a width of zero. Applied to the parent (yes, hacky, but such is the nature of inline-block for now), could be of help to collapse the spaces. I heard of it in this article…

    Up to now, I tend to use the letter-spacing trick. Maybe the CSS gods will someday endow us with suitable properties to make these ‘tricks’ unnecessary.

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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