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    have used psd2html for one project and will NEVER use them or recommend them again their service was shocking, have had a design in for coding for 4 weeks and still have so many issues with the coding and design it isnt funny they are not willing to refund me the total amount only half and still cant fix the issues i have lost a client over the issue and lack of support is very bad. I am so mad about this company.

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    I understand the horror stories behind PSD to Code services… As the co-head of a creative agency, we went through a LOT of nightmares before we finally just assembled an all-star team to do it in house.

    But to help out our fellow designers, we decided to create a branch of our company that does PSD to HTML, Email, & WordPress the way it should be.

    We’re called Reliable, and we’re 100% run by graphic designers.

    We’ve fixed everything that’s broken with these services, and improved all the rest ;-)

    Feel free to check us out here, and if you have some questions about an upcoming project you have, want a quote, or just want to say hey – drop us a line :-)

    Hope to hear from you soon!

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    I literally cringe when anyone mentions PSD to HTML/CSS. I know Chris Coyier does that contest every year… the CSS-Off I think it is. However, I think that’s more just for fun to see how badass people are at CSS. Obviously because the designs are always SO ridiculous and over-the-top.

    I think the practice of creating a site in a static medium like Photoshop, then slicing it for the web is outdated at best and needs to die.

    On every single site I build, the only “images” I really use are photographs. Sometimes I’ll use PNG for a fallback if I have to support older browsers. But, for the most part, it’s all hand-edited SVG graphics for buttons and twitter logos and stuff like that. I don’t really consider this an “image” in the traditional sense because it’s really just manipulating XML.

    I just don’t even understand the point of making a button or some other element in Photoshop, then slicing it to be a button on the web. You lose SO MUCH when you do that. It’s not responsive. It can’t have a hover state or any other user feedback without replacing the image. That sucks because it won’t have a smooth transition/easing and it buggy and slow! There’s always that flash in between images, which looks very amateur. Plus, if you have a million button and you want to change ALL of their colors, now you have to manually edit the button in Photoshop and find the million places that it’s in your code and change out the image.

    Whereas in SASS, it’s just this:

    $button_color: #000000;

    I don’t get this practice and quite frankly, I don’t want to get it. Plus, these boards are not for spam sir. They are for the vibrant community who frequents them to learn.

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    Everyone who is trying to find “the best PSD-to-HTML” service needs to just accept the fact that there is no such thing.

    these boards are not for spam sir. They are for the vibrant community who frequents them to learn.


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    Hey fellas!

    The OP had one goal with this thread, and that was to find out about some good PSD to HTML services. By giving a recommendation… I think technically I’m the only NON-spammer here! ;-) haha.

    Anyway, OP asked for recommendations, so I’ve thrown one out there. Do you have one yourself?

    Otherwise, while you’re posing an interesting debate, it looks like it’s better posed in a thread titled, “Why I think PSD to HTML is outdated”.

    In that other thread, I’d be happy to contribute with my own ideas and theories (and obviously not pitch our service – since in that scenario it WOULD be spam, while here recommending our service is actually answering the OP’s question).

    Peace, and best of luck out there,

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